Luca Falzone, MSc.

Luca Falzone is a Ph.D student within the Ph.D Program in Basic & Applied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Catania (Catania, Italy). He received the MSc in Medical Biotechnologies with full marks at the University of Catania in 2018. At the same University, he obtained the Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques in 2014. His research activity is focused on the molecular mechanisms of tumor development and progression with particular reference to the study of cancer cells and tumor microenvironment interactions, the study of the activation of the NGA/MMP-9, and the functional role of the hyper-activation of the RAF-MAPK-ERK and PI3K-AKT signal transduction pathways. The study of these mechanisms may allow the identification of novel biomarkers that may be used for new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Furthermore, he is aqua ring computational biology skills to be used for the identification of DNA methylation hotspots and microRNAs associated with tumor development.

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