Stéphane Terry, Ph.D

Dr Stephane Terry is a biologist whose research has been focused on cancer research and therapy resistance mechanisms. He earned his Ph.D from University of Paris Sud in 2009 for his work on cell signaling perturbations and phenotypic changes (neuroendocrine transdifferentiation) of prostate cancer cells occurring after androgen deprivation therapy. After postdoctoral training in Dr Mark Rubin’s lab (Weill Cornell Medical College, NY) on discovery of novel gene fusions in prostate cancer using RNA-seq, he conducted research with clinicians of the Henri-Mondor Hospital and Institut Curie (France) to identify biomarkers that can predict aggressiveness of prostate cancer (CRIPTO, ERG, SPINK1, TFF3). In 2014, he joined Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute and the Integrative immunology lab (Drs Salem Chouaib & Fathia Mami-Chouaib) to address the role of tumor heterogeneity, cell plasticity and hypoxia in regulating primary and acquired resistance to anti-tumor immunity in various cancer types, as well as to find new therapeutic solutions for improving immunotherapies.

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